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Simon's Speeches, Keynotes and Trainings provide innovative strategies and practical skills that will inspire an unforgettable motivational experience to your audience and teams.

Booking the right speaker to your event is a very important choice for you - the event planner - and for your team as well.

That is why Simon personally designs and delivers custom inspirational keynotes, emotionally moving speeches, hyper interactive trainings, and practical result oriented guidance that engages your audience and keep them fired up.

These are some of the topics Simon speaks about, or has been asked by corporate executives and event planners to speak about:


  • Growth Leadership

  • Personal Innovation 

  • Diversity & Full Potential

  • Transformational Mindfulness

  • Courage in Tough Times

  • Motivational Thinking

  • Custom Inspirational Keynotes




Here are 7 more reasons on why you MUST book Simon:


7 – People Love his Story

  Two years prior to immigrating to the USA with a green card lottery win, at 22  while still living in Morocco, Simon faced a near-death illness when he contracted tuberculosis in his lungs. Given only a 20% chance of living within 6 months, he immediately understood on a deep level,  just how precious the gift of life is. His profound ‘mortality motivation’ awakening will leave your audience leaving with a new appreciation for life.

6 – He is a humble cheering gentleman

  Simon grew up in a very small and poor village in southern Morocco, in an environment where people care for each other, because all they had was one another! That gave him a character of being a people’s person, very caring and generous. He will meet and greet your audience and when possible will accommodate to any networking event or receptions you’d like him to attend with your audience or sponsors.

5 – Professionalism

  •       For corporate events, he delivers well-crafted professional presentations with engaging and dynamic graphics, multimedia and HD visuals.

  •       For special or educational events, he brings actionable value for your audience to implement right away and stay inspired after your event.

4 – Execution of Practical Motivation

 Simon is a 'go getter' and his keynote will leave the audience fired up and ready to implement his 'step by step' approach to execute his processes and practices.

3 – Entertaining, Engaging, and Inspiring

 Working with Simon is an enriching experience: he likes to have FUN. He knows the impact of learning is 3 times more effective when tied to an engaged emotional state and so strives to tap into those feelings, leaving the audience feeling an impacted shift from within. They will surely feel fully entertained, engaged and inspired!

2 – Totally unique

 People love authentic, genuine and inspiring stories. Being a native of French language among other Mediterranean local dialects (he speaks 5 languages), Simon’s accent adds an exotic touch to his keynotes and teachings. A detail that will capture your audience's attention and stand out as an outlier as a speaker. Meet Simon once and remember him forever!

1 – Everything Simon does, he does it for you

 Simon is a special type of motivational and inspirational speaker. His unique story and humorous personality, will surely impress you and your audience. His enthusiasm and passion to make a difference in the lives of others radiates off of him. He’s looking forward to collaborating with you, so shoot him an email and let’s get this ball rolling!

Simon will serve you to make your event unforgettable, loaded with value and massive success!

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