There is NO such Thing as a Coincidence,

Everything Happens for a GREAT Reason! 

 - Simon Bensaidy - 










  • Seemo Simon Bensaidy was born to a poor family in the mountains of North Africa in a small Moroccan Berber village.
  • He grew up without electricity, clean water or any conveniences of modern life.
  • From a very young age he needed to be resourceful. His childhood was not easy.


  • At 23 years old - while living in Morocco - Simon had a near death experience after being diagnosed with tuberculosis in his lungs. Barely able to breathe he nearly died!


  • Fortunately, he was able to receive a free 6 months treatment provided by the U.S. Aid Program to poor families in 3rd world countries, which saved his life.


  • This experience of a stranger’s generosity across the world that essentially saved his life, planted in him deep rooted seeds of altruistic self-development, gratitude and a lifetime commitment to be of service to others in need.



  • In 2008, Seemo won the Green-Card lottery and immigrated to the USA in early 2009. He moved to Los Angles, CA alone to chase the American Dream. Only problem: it was deep recession at the time!
  • He started his first job as a dishwasher but hours were cut, and before he knew it he was homeless living in his old Toyota Corolla car. This is where he spent his first American Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!
  • Luckily he was able to afford a gym membership where he’d work out and showers, and then use the 2 hours free internet provided at the local public library, spending one hour job hunting, and the other hour diving into Personal Development and mindset work.
  • His resourcefulness gave him the opportunity to go to school and get a job in a field he loved!
  • 2 years later he took a chance on himself and his dreams! He dropped out of college, quit his job and launched his own business on the same day.



in 2014, Seemo served with the US Government as a field agent for the Department of Homeland Security for over 2 years. an exuberant experience that brought in so much personal and professional growth for his journey. 



  • For over a decade, Seemo’s business ventures varied from e-com companies to  High-Tech electronics for Tier-one manufacturers and fortune 500 companies in Aerospace, Aviation, Military, and Robotics both in the US and other countries around the world.
  • Seemo Simon Bensaidy went on to become a thought-leader in personal-development and a researcher in full human potential.
  • He is now a trusted advisor in Storytelling helping leaders and organizations share their Personal Story using his Leadership storytelling formula.


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